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Endereço: Avenida Buriti, Distrito Industrial - Manaus, AM - Código Postal: 69075000

Telefone: (92) 3237-2870

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Joanna Qin

Dear Mr. Project Manager,
Wish you have had a wonderful weenkend.
This is Joanna Qin from Changhong, Changhong is a professional
stamping tool&die manufacturer in tool design, manufacturing and debugging
Here, I'll make a brief introduction to you for you best understanding.
Technical power: 40 senior die designers with years of professional experience, use high-end design softwares, such as Dynaform, Autoform, UG, Catia, Pro-e to do the simulation, design layouts and dies.
Ttryout presses: 250T, 630T(with coil feeder), 800T, 1250T(with coil feeder) and 2,000T to meet the tool modifying and production needs of various types of dies.
Main mesurement equipment: CMM: 2.1m* 1.2m*1m, blue scanner: working area 350*350/Precision:3.5+L/250µm
Main customers: sertec of UK. BMW for Beijing(sylaijin) and Germany(kirchhoff). Magna, we provide the tool for Canada and Mexico division. GM for GAP of USA,
Audi for Germany and Canada(P&F) customer, Ford for Magna. Oversea market is occupied about 90% of our market, domestic market just occupied 10%.
Following a brief introduction of our current project from our main customer: Magna, we are doing C1YX GM 16dies from Massive and VW Tiguan 9dies contacting with Mr. Oliver. and E2LB&D2UX-16 dies from P&F contacting with Mr. Rob. Gestamp, we are doing B02E-5 dies, TRTA-3 dies, 2TW-7 dies, V213-1 die. KIRCHHOFF, we are doing 8 dies from their Germany and Ireland factory. Binder, we are doing 9 dies from Audi.
Hope we can receive your RFQ and corporate with you soon.

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